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o No polo without you! Anyone who not only wants to feel the thrill of our dynamic sport from the spectator stands, but also wants to take the reins and clubs into their own hands, will be well looked after by one of the polo clubs scattered throughout the country. Under the umbrella of the DPV, their number is now approaching 40 - and their work is invaluable for the sport of polo!

In an open, friendly atmosphere, they teach polo, for example - to beginners, sometimes on hired horses. Amateurs work on their technique. Professionals are eagerly awaiting the next tournament or the chukkers in our championships. The polo clubs, on the other hand, are the ones who put on those wonderful events. There is never a shortage of socialising, whether on the turf or in the clubhouses. And we cannot thank them enough for their youth work, laying the foundation for a golden future for the sport of polo.

In terms of size and facilities, there is something for every taste: from the largest polo club in Germany, the Norddeutsche Polo Club e. V., to small but excellent facilities. Stick-and-ball field, clubhouse, stables with boxes, automatically watered full-size polo pitch – more than a few clubs have met international standards for a while. All these polo clubs create the basis for being able to practice and enjoy this wonderful equestrian sport. They all live for polo.

Club NameZipcodeCityPreußischer Polo & Country Club Berlin-Brandenburg e. V. 14542 Werder / OT Phöben Polo Club Berlin-Brandenburg e.V. 14612 Falkensee Berliner Polo Club e.V. 14621 Schönwalde-Glien Polo Club PoloPark Brandenburg e.V. 14624 Dallgow-Döberitz /OT Seeburg Mecklenburger Poloclub Pinnow e.V. 17139 Pinnow Hamburger Polo Club e.V. 22549 Hamburg Norddeutscher Polo Club e.V. 22549 Hamburg Polo Club Schleswig-Holstein e.V. 25355 Groß Offenseth-Aspern Poloclub Hagen-Grinden e.V. 27299 Langwedel Hanseatischer Polo Club e.V. 27389 Helvesiek-Appel Poloclub Gut Rixförde e.V. 29313 Hambühren Niedersächsischer Polo Club e.V. 30855 Langenhagen Polo & Reit Club Düsseldorf e.V. 40489 Düsseldorf Niederrheinischer Polo Club Xanten e.V. 46509 Xanten Rhein Polo Club Düsseldorf e.V. 47877 Willich Bentheimer Polo- & Country-Club e.V. 48455 Bad Bentheim Poloclub Mühlen e.V. 49439 Mühlen Frankfurter Polo Club e.V. 65934 Frankfurt am Main Schwarzwald Country- und Polo Club e.V. 79790 Küssaberg-Ettikon Munich Polo Club e.V. 81929 München La Tarde Polo Club e.V. 83607 Holzkirchen (Thann) Bavaria Polo Club e.V. 83607 Holzkirchen (Thann) Polo Club Tagmersheim e.V. 86704 Tagmersheim Polo Club Wallerstein e.V. 86757 Wallerstein Polo Club Landsberg - Ammersee e.V 86940 Schwifting Poloclub Schloss Jägersburg e.V. 91330 Eggolsheim-Bammersdorf Roude Léiw Polo Club (Gastmitglied 2022) L-1420 Luxembourg

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