It is the breathtaking harmony between horse and rider, as well as the combination of speed and team spirit, that are ensuring an ever-growing fan base for polo in this country. Admittedly, due to centuries of tradition, the big polo nations such as Argentina, Great Britain and the USA are still far ahead of us in terms of skills and player numbers - but the polo community in Germany is growing.

More and more people are caught up in the fascination of this fast-paced sport. Spectators enjoy exciting chukkers. The professional players under the umbrella of the DPV excel in technique, tactics and fighting spirit. The idea of fairness is also very important. The welfare of the horses is very important to all athletes - because ultimately they are the real stars on the field.

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Polo rules

As a member of the Hurlingham Polo Association, we fully comply with the HPA-ruleset.
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German champions

Listing of all German champions in the adult and youth area in all classes.
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Learn to play

A polo club near you should be your first point of contact.