Competitive Sport
on Horseback.

With a breath-taking mixture of dexterity of both horse and rider, speed and teamwork, polo has built expanding fan base in Germany. Admittedly, great polo nations, which can look back on a long tradition, like Argentina, the United Kingdom and the United States are extremely advanced in skill and numbers – but our community is growing fast.

More and more people are fascinated by this fast-paced sport and spectators are thrilled by nerve-wracking chukkas. The professional players of the DPV exhibit their outstanding technical, tactical and fighting skills while at all times staying true to the idea of fair play. Of special concern to everyone is the welfare of the horses as, in the end, they are the stars of the sport.

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Polo rules

As a member of the Hurlingham Polo Association, we fully comply with the HPA-ruleset.
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Hall of Fame

Listings of all German Polo Champions, players and young players as well as participants in the European Polo Championships since 2016.
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Learn to play

A polo club near you should be your first point of contact.